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PS: Please forgive any spelling errors, it's nearly 10am and I haven't slept yet :(

Here's some stastics for the last 7 days

  • 50 Accounts have logged in for their first time have day.
  • With everyones playtime of each day totals 18-20 Days of playtime each day!
  • 563 unique accounts have logged in within the last 7 days, an average of 143 a day.
  • A total of 134,450 mobs have been killed.
  • 53 deaths have been to another player.
  • 1,323 deaths have been to mobs.
  • The largest peak of the world was Tuesday, having 39 online at once.

Firstly, just wow! The increase in the playerbase lately has been pretty crazy. It makes sense though with all the crazy going on in the world with the current coronavirus, so hopefully everyone/all your familys and friends are safe and not suffering not too much from any lockdowns / bizarreness happening in your countries/cities.


Secondly, with this increase in numbers has came some pretty laggy times when it's peak time for the server - With this happening I've been doing a few changes and tests the past few days to try and find out where the main source is cominng from, with so I've made some changes to server I believe should/so far have shown some improvements



  • The view distance has currently been lowered - In a few days I plan to increase the view distance for the nether/end slightly as most of the lag is being caused in the overworld.
  • When the server is dropping in TPS and is getting bear the point of noticable lag you may notice that some of the mobs may lose their AI's around you - This is to try and give less strain on the server, if you interact with a frozen mob they will regain their AI back.
  • When the server is drastically dropping TPS and showing major signs of lag it's now capable of disabling mob spawns for the server until it recovers and is safe again to turn them back on. This is to stop long periods of lag and will help bring the server back up to a playable speed.
  • Total mob cap has been lowered.


& Here's some things you can expect coming soon

  • A new voting plugin will be used for handling votes ingame. Visible top monthly/all-time votes for players to see. Ability to see how long is left until you're able to vote again. Vote rewards will be moved into a voting shop where your vote points can be spent on them.
  • With the changes to mobs/mob cap for server performance, over the next week or so it'll be decided on what sort of mob drop changes should be made to make up for the reduced spawns, allowing the mobs to drop double loot given a certain % chance.




& Perhaps the most important of all! @Tuux has finally made a return with his animated series, telling an epic story of CraftMine! Check out the trailer below and then after that jump on into episode 1! Make sure to like, subscribe and ding dong that bell! Did you know that 50% of you watching his video aren't subscribed!


The Trailer -



Episode 1 -



Leaderboards 3 months ago

This updates brings the Leaderboards which were briefly mentioned in the last update. They are now added onto the website and are hooked up onto the server, check out the top 50 players in certain statistics by clicking 'Leaderboard' in the navigation bar.


  • Displays Top 50 players in certain statistics
  • Combat related statistics available to be ranked in.
  • Travel related statistics available to be ranked in, a few more still to be added.
  • A couple Gameplay related statistics available to be ranked in, much more to be added.




Also please note with the early stages of the leaderboard - These may change in the future for a better system and tracking system of player stats.

The update which has been long overdue. The new website was planned to be released a couple weeks ago but due to a couple things popping up we had to delay the release. With this delay came a whole new website ontop of the new onne already made.

With this new website comes new features! Firstly, account linking - You can register on the website by using /link 'your email' on the server. Doing so will allow you to reply to the news posts and access to the suggestions tab where you can suggest your ideas for the website or server(alternatively you can suggest ideas on our Discord). To be added still is the appeals page where players can appeal punishments if they feel they have been wrongly punished or if they've happened and the Forgotten Password page incase you've forgot the password to login to the server.


Also coming soon with the new website will be Leaderboards, a part of the website which will display the top 50 players in certain statistics. (Currently shows top death counts and total animals bred) Expect to see this on website within the next 24-48 hours with more statistic to compete in!


Multiplayer Sleeping! This has been requested numerous times and has finally been added to the server! The server now requires just 30% of players to be asleep in bed, displaying a message with how many players are sleeping/required.


Lastly as you may have noticed already, welcome PointlessPanda_to the staff team!