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1. Be respectful to playersSpeaking downly towards players or mocking them based on poltical or religious views or any other reason is strictly prohibited. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and should be treated with respect. If you dislike a person, /ignore so you can't see their messages.   2. English only in the main server chat.The server is an English based server and requires English to be spoken in the main chat, as we're not capable of always moderating every language. Players may freely speak any language in private messages or group chats. (/msg or /group)   3. No advertising other servers or websites.Advertising another server/server IP or website is strictly prohibited. Of course, websites such as YouTube/Google and other sites used globally are fine to speak about, along with famous YouTubers SMPs.    4. No racism or vulguar language towards other players.Racism is strictly prohibited and will be punished harshly. Using vulguar language towards other players is disrespectful and will not be allowed. Swearing in general is fine as long as not excessively used.   5. No begging.A main part of playing Survival is gathering your own supplies to survive and nobody appreciates a player who constantly begs them for their hard earnt items..   6a. No hacking, cheating or exploiting bugs.Use of xray or cheat clients are strictly prohibited, along with mods such as freecam. If you're unsure if a mod is allowed, verify the use of it with a staff member.   6b. Item DuplicationDuplicating items through Minecraft bugs are strictly prohibited.The only exception of this rule is TNT due to the duplicated version of it is not dropped and able to be picked up.   7. No griefingPlayers spend a lot of time and hard work on their builds. Purposely making claims to prevent further progression of a persons build will result in punishment and your claims being deleted. Purposely ruining the unclaimed land around a players claim to ruin the surroundings will result in punishment and any grief rolled back. (Players are responsible of claiming their chests, any chests placed outside a claim which get stolen from will not result in a refund of lost items.)   8. Ban EvasionIf a player has received a punishment on one of their accounts, using a new or pre-existing account to carry on playing as normal will result in harsher punishments being applied to that account. New accounts will be permantly banned if created to avoid punishment.   9. Alt AccountsWhile we do allow players to use alt accounts as they wish, alt accounts must be used for a good reason. Creating alts to troll will result in the account being banned. Mass creating alts just for the sake of it may result in an IP ban after being warned.   10a. Permaloaders & Lag MachinesCreation of permaloaders are not allowed and will be destroyed, the player may receive punishment if they continue to create more. Purposely creating machines to cause lag will result in your account being permantly banned.   10b. Redstone MachinesRedstone machines must be built with on and off switches to prevent them being ran 24/7 whenever they are loaded. Constant use of redstone machines result in TPS loss which means everyone playing will start to feel lag. Any machines built without a switch may be destoyed by staff during low TPS times due to not being able to turn it off.   11. SpammingSpamming is very annoying to players who are trying to read/use the chat, sending repeated message or just nonsesense messages may result in a mute preventing you from being able to talk.  Spamming commands, such as tpa requests to harrass players may result in the account being muted and bannned if continued.        
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It's been a little while since we've announced all the recent changes, so here we are!   Updates A new gui menu created for when using /help - Displays multiple helpful options & a couple viewable account stastics. Due to corruption in the database of the claims plugin used, we've imported all data to a new plugin, view a guide on the new claiming system here: https://craftmine.site/landclaim /voterstatus command added to view time remaining on your voter rank. Changes Players with the [Voter] rank can now silence mobs using a nametag named 'silenceme' AFK Messages are now more clear on the bypass kick permission still working. Magma slimes, Zombie Pigmans, Piglins, Wither Skeletons & Blazes can now move through portals. Maxiumum render distance is now 12, minimum is 5. (Server will choose best distance based on TPS history) Monster cap increased from 15 -> 25. Fixes The end is now correctly protected again and players are capable of respawning the dragon. /lay command removed due to a small bug with it removing players from tab list.
16 days ago

Marky_Animationz: so i lost 5000+ or 7000+ cuzwhen u play for an hour u get more so im not sure lets say i lost 7k levisenpi2: i lost around 24k+  Done and done
23 days ago

CragMonster: 5000+ blocks Refunded
23 days ago

It's that time of month again! With October being over it's time to announce the winnners of the October voting competition and get started with Novembers! A huge thank you to everyone who voted at all, even if it was just a one time vote! :) You all made a huge difference and we smashed last months numbers out of the park!   The top 3 voters of October:  Azamendar with 258 votes! Watafakweeeee with 235 votes! SweetPotato with 222 votes!     Novembers Voting Competition This month, instead of the top 3 voters only receiving a reward, the 4th and 5th place will also earn a bonus reward! First Place:  NPC of them displayed at /spawn showing their placement. An enchanted block of their choice. (Used for building with armour stands) Ability to use the game-feed Discord channnel for 30 days. 1x Netherite Block & 15x Diamond Blocks A bonus amount of 100 vote points. Second Place:  NPC of them displayed at /spawn showing their placement. An enchanted block of their choice. (Used for building with armour stands) Ability to use the game-feed Discord channnel for 21 days. 5x Netherite Ingots & 10x Diamond Blocks A bonus amount of 75 vote points. Third Place:  NPC of them displayed at /spawn showing their placement. An enchanted block of their choice. (Used for building with armour stands) Ability to use the game-feed Discord channnel for 14 days. 2x Netherite Ingot & 5x Diamond Blocks A bonus amount of 50 vote points. Fourth & Fifth Place: 3x Diamond Blocks each. A bonus of 30 vote points. The NPCs of the three top voters will last the whole of December. The enchanted blocks can be used in armour stand building to create a unique look, placing and remining the block will cause the enchant effect to be removed.  
25 days ago