IGN: Shane
by Shane » 3 months ago

The update which has been long overdue. The new website was planned to be released a couple weeks ago but due to a couple things popping up we had to delay the release. With this delay came a whole new website ontop of the new onne already made.

With this new website comes new features! Firstly, account linking - You can register on the website by using /link 'your email' on the server. Doing so will allow you to reply to the news posts and access to the suggestions tab where you can suggest your ideas for the website or server(alternatively you can suggest ideas on our Discord). To be added still is the appeals page where players can appeal punishments if they feel they have been wrongly punished or if they've happened and the Forgotten Password page incase you've forgot the password to login to the server.


Also coming soon with the new website will be Leaderboards, a part of the website which will display the top 50 players in certain statistics. (Currently shows top death counts and total animals bred) Expect to see this on website within the next 24-48 hours with more statistic to compete in!


Multiplayer Sleeping! This has been requested numerous times and has finally been added to the server! The server now requires just 30% of players to be asleep in bed, displaying a message with how many players are sleeping/required.


Lastly as you may have noticed already, welcome PointlessPanda_to the staff team!

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