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The 1.17 Survival reset will be happening this weekend, between Friday -> Sunday! An announcement will be made an hour before the world goes live!

[Voting Event] July 2021 + June's Winners
Started by Shane

Well June is over with and it's time to announce the winners of the voting competition. A massive thank you to everyone who voted, even if it was just a one-time vote! :) You all make a big difference and we appreciate it.

The top 3 voters of June: (Please message me on either Discord/Website/Ingame for rewards)

  1. tusek55 with 223 votes!
  2. Elash with 211 votes!
  3. Azamendar with 139 votes!



July Voting Competition

This months prize will be a little different and Discord related! Due to the upcoming reset for Survival we'll be changing up rewards for voting events a little and since the 1.17 world isn't ready just yet, we don't feel it'd be fair to give the usual rewards at the very start of a world.

So for this month, the top 3 voters will have their names put into a website which will randomly pick one of them to win Discord Nitro Classic! You'll also receive a simple golden Voter tag on the 1.17 world on release for the remaining days of July.


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