Survival 1.17 - World Corruption / Reset Plans
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Hey everyone, this is a pretty big announcement so please make sure you read everything.


1.17 Plans

Firstly, let's get straight into it. With 1.17 coming very soon! (June 8th) we want to start with a fresh world. A complete reset. Due to recent world corruption and a dip in players recently we feel a fresh world would be a perfect way to bring back enjoyment to our Survival world.

A reset would mean a changeup to how the Survival world works, we'd love to focus more on adding in extra content for players to enjoy;

Quests would be one of the new things added to Survival, allowing players to complete small story lines & repeatable job type quests to be top ranked in quest points and earn a couple claim blocks for their builds.

With many previous suggestions on item prices, we'd also love to implant/change a couple things to make sure the economy of the new world would stay tip-top and promote more player trading.

Events - Previously we had building competitions & a couple player made events which were enjoyed and lasted a little while. This time around we'll be looking into creating some smaller type events which are easier to host & partake in - Along with events on release for players who are the first to accomplish some achievements! Stay tuned for more about them near release!

On top of these things - We'd also be carefully going through every suggestion making sure we work on things you want to see. Taking in everything we've learnt from this world, performance & overall quality will greatly improve moving forward. With 1.18 also bringing a brand new cave system for the Overworld, a world reset will be the perfect time to have a more organized generated world ready for this update.

We'd love to hear your suggestions on what you'd love to see added to the new Survival world in our suggestions section on our Discord!


What will happen to the current world?!

We understand there's been a lot of time invested & hard work put into the current world by everyone and we'd hate to see that vanish, so getting rid of the old world isn't within our plan. The world will be left online(no longer receiving updates), most likely on a new IP such as '' - The world will also become whitelisted so no new players can join this world anymore, you will need to of played it before.


World Corruption? What?

Recently the world has sadly suffered some corruption damage, causing a few players to lose parts of their build which we weren't capable of fully restoring from one of our backups. Being fully honest about this corruption, we're not totally sure what could of caused it. The world has seen many tough times and survived a lot. We even made it through a massive claim corruption last year! We've attempted a few things and have not seen any more corruption in the world lately, but it's always a risk that it could come back at anytime since we're uncapable of finding out the original cause of it.


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