[17/02/21] Safe PvP Deaths, Toggable Death Messages & More
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Safe PvP Deaths • PvP system changed up slightly due to suggestions. PvP may still be toggled on/off using /pvp or /toggle - Although now you will keep your inventory & experience when dying to another player. The particles from the previous plugin will no longer display when a player has PvP enabled, but for now players may use /pvplist to view who has PvP on.

Toggable Death Messages • Death messages of other players may now be disabled using the command /toggledeathmsg.

Account Plugin Update • We've gone ahead and updated our login/account plugin to a more advanced one. Everyones password will remain the same, you'll login as normal and new players will still register as normal. Although now IP's will be limited to a maximum of 5 accounts created on them to prevent players mass creating alts for no reason/trolling. With this new plugin allows the website & ingame accounts to intergrate better, allowing players to head on over to the register page and register with their ingame username & password, allowing them to log into the website using the same details.

Voter Menu • To better display the benefits of the voter rank a new gui menu has been created to display them. Access this new menu with the command /voter.

Second Home & Home Commands • A recent update added the ability for players to purchase a 2nd home for 250 vote points. When this originally happened a /house command was added to teleport back home. We've reverted the command changes and fixed all issues involving the original commands. /sethome & /home are now used again for homes. We've kept the /bed command for easier teleporting back to your bed.



New Voter Perk • A new perk has been added to the voter rank, /hat. This command will equip whatever block you have in your hand as a helmet.

TAB Redesign • The TAB menu has been resdesigned slightly to hopefully be better appealing whenever viewing it.

It's always sunny in /spawn • A small change which won't effect anything but will give you a nice ingame tan, the weather for /spawn has been set to always be clear.

Invisible Parkour Players • By default other players in the parkour course will be invisible. You can enable seeing them again by using the bone item in your hotbar.

Gamefeed Status • The gamefeed status command to view how much time you have left of gamefeed has been changed to /gamefeedstatus to match the command to view how much time is left on your voter rank, /voterstatus.



End Warps Fix • A bug in which allowed setting and using warps in the end now fully fixed. Setting and teleporting to warps now only work in the Overworld as intended.

Jeb_ Bug Fix • A bug appeared in which broke the Minecraft easter egg where naming a sheep Jeb_ would turn it into a rainbow sheep. This bug has been fixed and Jeb_ is now working again.

Gamefeed Fix • Originally when players purchased gamefeed without having the voter rank, their chat in the gamefeed channel would display with the Gamefeed rank before their username. This has now been fixed and 'Gamefeed' will no longer display as a rank in gamefeed.

Nether Portals: Mushroom Cows • Both red & brown mushroom cows may now travel through nether portals.

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