February's Building Competition! Parkour Madness
Started by TonyStorm




CraftMiners !! its time for another Building competition, specially after January's break to which i much apologize its been a very hectic month for me but as things settle down we can go back to doing these.

However as it was stated before, this year we are changing up the formula as they wont just be Building competitions, the themes will get a lot more wild and we're off to a crazy start.

First one on the list, for February's Theme we will have Parkour Courses and since this one's very different the ruleset will also change drastically, here we go.

-Build size has been increased to 128x128 (map artist will recognize how but that is)
- Submitions wont be pictures anymore, but world downloads, you will have to send me a rar/zip file with your world in it, that only contains the parkour course you designed
- There's no core theme, any ideas will do, however vulgar and/or offensive themes will be disqualified and the player banned from further competitions
- Given the nature of the theme, players can only submit one Entry each this time
- Teaming up is allowed, however its up to you how to distribute the prize
- Average Run course cant be longer than 120 seconds so test this yourself
- Redstone based courses will have to take in mind server limitations, even if they're done in their own creative single player worlds
- if you decide to your own entry on the server instead of single player creative worlds, you'll have to submit coordenates and easy access to the course

Entries will be admited from when this post goes live, to February 25th, Winners will be judged and announced by February 28th

Now for the Prizes:

First Place:
- Will be added to the new server hub as an armor stand
- Will also be showcased as a monthly winner in the same hub for a month
- Will be awarded with the unique tag “Architect” for the duration of March
- The winning Build will be showcased in our Parkour events
- Unique Building Champion Banner
- 1 Netherite Block
- 10 Diamond Blocks

Second Place:
- 2 Netherite Ingots
- 15 Diamond Blocks

Third Place
- 7 Diamond Blocks

Hope to see your entries soon and as always, have fun and keep building!

TonyStorm · 5 months ago