[18/01/2021] Changelog - SkyBlock, Shop tax, Claim Expiry & More
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  • SkyBlock is now available to play! Connect through the hub by right clicking the SkyBlock NPC.

"It's been requested for quite some time but we've added SkyBlock gamemode! You can now right-click on the SkyBlock NPC in the hub and join. I'll add channels in the discord for the basic commands and all that other cool stuff. For now tho you can look around the SkyBlock lobby.

To make your island walk up to the NPC in the SkyBlock lobby and you get 4 choices of island.

 If you don't like the island or want to restart you can do /island reset. You will have to enter this command twice and the "create and island" gui will open letting you make a new island.
You can also work with your friends and make a team island. Commands for this will be in the discord later today.
P.S. If you don't know how to play SkyBlock, we recommend watching some Youtube videos on it
If you do come across any bugs make a ticket over at #🧠open-a-ticket on our Discord."




  • Invisible item frames added to the vote shop. 1 Vote point per item frame.
  • Added options in shops to purchase bulk amounts of claim blocks for a cheaper price then single claim blocks.
  • /afktimer added and will display how long you've been away for. (Command usage does not remove AFK status)
  • Claim expiration now enabled after being polled on our Discord. After an account has been offline for 6 months, their claims will be disbanded.
  • /gamefeed command added to view remaining time left.
  • Player shopkeepers now have a 15% tax rate to further help with the diamond economy. (This means if an item sells for 15 diamonds, 2 of them will be removed for tax)




  • The spawn location was moved slightly to better position players, helping them find the main spots of spawn.
  • /Shops gui changed slightly, removing the old 'Go Back' option.
  • /Shops skins changed up to better display the npcs.
  • Claims blocks now cost 4 Diamonds, instead of 5. (3 Diamonds in voter shop)
  • Server messages/alerts colours changed up slightly for better display.
  • Armour stand editing item changed from golden nugget -> flint.
  • Tab list now displays the amount of hours since the players last death. (Death counter still shows below name when being looked at)




  • Architect & Other event titles will now display above the Voter rank in tab list.
  • Players can now toggle roles in claims to allow claiming next to claim borders, was previously not shown in gui while permissions were granted.
  • AFK Kick message will no longer display for players with the bypass.
  • When purchasing ranks from /shops (game-feed or voter) the time will now be added onto your current remaining time instead of not being added at all.
  • Towers at the end have been patched up to prevent players falling to their death.
  • Entity grief option within the lands settings can now be toggled on.

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