November 2020 Building competition winners hosted by SweetPotato
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27 Oct 2020
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22 Jan 2021

Hey Hey CraftMiners !

The day has finally come for the results of the November's building competition ! This time the palette was kind of challenging for most of the participants which made it even more fun for them to prove that no palette can stop them ! Now, let's get to the point which everyone was waiting for.

You know the drill already, so first we will mention an honorable build then head to the top three builds. I hope you enjoy it.

This time we got one honorable mention of a player who wasn't confident that he got any building skills but he gave a try and since it's mentioned here this means he nailed it and this gives him a great oportunities in the future builds. He used a good idea in his builds which is the frozen fossil idea. It's simple but it's really well done that got out attention. This honorable player is Jesus who almost made it to the top 3 !

Now to the big 3 !

In the 3rd place we got a builder who has not been on server since a long time and look at him now ! Among the top three monthly builders in the server! He built a well done ice igloo house with surrounded decorations and great choice of colors that fit each other. It can be a great place for a shop or even a place to visit and take a look at its interior. This great builder is Robiblock who really earned this place and almost earned the second one ! Here's Robiblock's igloo house.

In the 2nd place we got a builder who tried to make a good generic icy spikes with some pretty good touches that got our attention and really fits the palette well with nice choice of block which guaranteed it the 2nd place amongst the top 3 ! This is Marky_Animationz's generic ice spikes.

And now for the big one that got the 1st place and really deserved it without any doubt. He used a very unique and relaxing to eyes palette that fits the theme pretty well and it has some great creativity in imaginary. Also it is related to the floating dragon in the castle which added a bonus to it since it now fits the theme and the lure as well. He admitted that the palette was pretty hard to work with but nevertheless he nailed it and got the first position among this month's builders ! This is the great CaesarisEstHodie's brilliant tower !

Thank you all for all the participants who entered this competition I really appreciate your entries ! The fact that you did not win doesn't mean you did a bad build, it means that you still got a chance to improve your build skills maybe you will be amongst the top three builders in the next month's competition hosted by our own magnificent builder, TonyStorm !

Winners should contact me for their prizes in game or on discord !

Good luck next month ♥



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