[Nov 30th] Changes/Fixes/Updates & December Events
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08 Oct 2020
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28 Jan 2021

Here's a bunch of recent updates, changes and fixes since the last changelog post. Also some cheeky information on the events for December!


Festive Spawn & December Event Updates

  • Thanks to TonyStorm the /spawn is now festive themed, make sure to teleport there and check it out if you haven't seen it yet!
  • With this comes a small change in the location of /spawn, the position has been moved slightly to the east, making it easier to see where the the new /shop location is.
  • Secret Santa - Players will be able to sign up on Discord on December 1stt for Secret Santa to gift a random player some presents. More information can be found in the Secret Santa channel.
  • Starting on December 1st, an update will be pushed out where players can visit the new Christmas building at /spawn and talk to an npc named Santa's Helper where they will be able to claim an advent reward everyday until the 25th.
  • December 1st - 4th, an update will be pushed out where everyday players will be given 5 daily tasks to complete in the server rewarding them an event currency named 'Mystical Snowballs' this currency will be used by visiting Santa at /spawn in which players will find various rewards from /shop items & festive themed cosmetic items they can collect. This event will end and be removed on January 1st.

More information on the events for December will be announced come December 1st.




  • Colour formatting messages removed as a voter perk, a new way of using colours to advertise your shops is currently in the works.
  • The /shop command will no longer bring up a GUI of the diamond/vote shops. Instead players can visit /spawn where they can access each shop through an npc giving more purpose to visit spawn.
  • Mobs from spawners will now have their AI again.
  • The sounds of a wither spawning and the ender dragon dying will now only reach up too 100 blocks away instead of globally.
  • Experience orbs now have a maximum merge amount to give a more vanilla style when killing mobs.
  • Ghasts can now go through portals.
  • Maximum hoppers per chunk increased, 30->40.
  • Message when entering the survival world changed up a little bit. Now mentions the /rule command and links.


  • The end is now fully fixed where players can respawn and succesfully kill the dragon without issues.
  • A /sethome bug in which players could set & teleport to homes in the nether/end has been fixed.
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