Survival 1.17 - World Corruption / Reset Plans
14 days ago • 136 Views

Hey everyone, this is a pretty big announcement so please make sure you read everything.


1.17 Plans

Firstly, let's get straight into it. With 1.17 coming very soon! (June 8th) we want to start with a fresh world. A complete reset. Due to recent world corruption and a dip in players recently we feel a fresh world would be a perfect way to bring back enjoyment to our Survival world.

A reset would mean a changeup to how the Survival worl...

[17/02/21] Safe PvP Deaths, Toggable Death Messages & More
4 months ago • 505 Views


Safe PvP Deaths • PvP system changed up slightly due to suggestions. PvP may still be toggled on/off using /pvp or /toggle - Although now you will keep your inventory & experience when dying to another player. The particle...

February's Building Competition! Parkour Madness
5 months ago • 417 Views

CraftMiners !! its time for another Building competition, specially after January's break to which i much apologize its been a very hectic month for me but as things settle down we can go back to doing these.

However as it was stated before, this year we are changing up the formula as they wont just be Building competitions, the themes will get a lot more wild and we're off to a crazy start.

First one on the list, for February's Theme we will have Parkour Courses and since ...

[Voting Event] February 2021 + January's Winners
5 months ago • 471 Views

A huge thanks to everyone who voted last month, be it 1 or 100 votes every one is greatly appreciated and is hugely helpful for the server!

The top 5 voters of January: (Please message me on either Discord/Website/Ingame for rewards)

  1. CaesarisEstHodie with 193 votes!
  2. Watafakweeeee with 188 votes!
  3. <...

[18/01/2021] Changelog - SkyBlock, Shop tax, Claim Expiry & More
5 months ago • 269 Views


  • SkyBlock is now available to play! Connect through the hub by right clicking the SkyBlock NPC.

"It's been requested for quite some time but we've added SkyBlock gamemode! You can now right-click on...

[Building Event] December 2020 Winners
5 months ago • 244 Views

Hello aspiring Architects! First of all i want to apologize for the late update, i know its not an excuse but ive been kind of busy these past weeks so i didnt have the time to announce winners in a way that seem'd good enough until today.

That being said December's theme seemed to be "too open", most people struggled a lot with what to build and that's understandable, its probably going to be the last one like this, on a different note i also have plan...