October's Events
Octobers Building Competition

It’s time to get those blocks and spooks ready! It’s October’s Building Competition! The theme this time will be “something spooky”, doesn’t need to be directly tied to Halloween but it has to be scary in one way or the other, builds will be judged on how it looks, how well the theme fits and how fun it seems, the rules for this one have changed a little so here’s the full list

- Builds should be no more than 25x25 blocks (excluding terraforming)
- The theme’s Spooky and/or Scary so play around with that idea
- There’s no limitations in terms of palette
- Players can send as many entries as they want but can only earn one podium place
- Once again, anything vulgar or offensive will be disqualified and we will no longer accept entries from that player (this includes future monthly building comps)

This time you’ll have a little more time to work on your creations, entry acceptance will start from October 1st and run till October 20th (midnight PST) , Judging will take as soon as the 21 starts, winners will be announced October 31th on Halloween.

Now the good part, here are the prizes for the competition which have changed a well.

First Place:
- Will be added to the new server hub as an armor stand
- Will also be showcased as a monthly winner in the same hub for a month
- Will be awarded with the unique tag “Architect” for the duration of November
- The winning Build will be showcased in out soon to open Builder’s area
- 1 Netherite Block
- 10 Diamond Blocks

Second Place:
- 2 Netherite Ingots
- 15 Diamond Blocks

Third Place
- 7 Diamond Blocks

As you can see, the prize pool for first place has increased a lot so it’s time to crack some bricks and start building, once again, it doesn’t matter how good of a builder you’re, it’s about trying to improve every time, you might end up as our next Architect!
Good luck everyone!

-@TonyStorm, Discord