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Shane Shane16 days ago
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It's been a little while since we've announced all the recent changes, so here we are!



  • A new gui menu created for when using /help - Displays multiple helpful options & a couple viewable account stastics.
  • Due to corruption in the database of the claims plugin used, we've imported all data to a new plugin, view a guide on the new claiming system here: https://craftmine.site/landclaim
  • /voterstatus command added to view time remaining on your voter rank.


  • Players with the [Voter] rank can now silence mobs using a nametag name...
Shane Shane24 days ago
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It's that time of month again! With October being over it's time to announce the winnners of the October voting competition and get started with Novembers! A huge thank you to everyone who voted at all, even if it was just a one time vote! :) You all made a huge difference and we smashed last months numbers out of the park!


The top 3 voters of October:

  1.  Azamendar with 258 votes!
  2. Watafakweeeee with 235 votes!
  3. SweetPotato with 222 votes!



Novembers Voting Competition


Shane Shaneabout 1 month ago
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Firstly, be sure to sign up on the website by using the command /link (your email) on the hub and then follow the email to activate your account!

Hopefully everyone finds the website much more appealing and enjoys the improvements.

  • Keep yourself up to date more easily with the changes to the server as they'll now be posted in our Changelogs section.
  • For players who do not use Discord, it's now much more easier for them to create suggestions/reports/appeals/etc on the forums.